XIV April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development

XIV April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development


The April conference of international format is a status event in the political and economic spheres. In the structure of the Forum - a unique dialogue of the scientific community and the government. At the thematic sessions theorists and practices presented in the reports forecasts and recommendations on many aspects of development of Russia. Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, O. Golodets, member of the Government M. Abyzon, Minister of Education Dmitry Livanov, Assistant of the President, the ex-Minister of Education Andrei Fursenko expressed about the current issues of departments in response - they were asked incovenient questions.

The plenary session of the conference on the topics: "The global economic crisis and the Russian economy" and "Institutions and a new social" led by the Chairman of the program Committee of the conference is scientific Director of NIU HSE Professor Evgeny Yasin. It should be noted that Mr. Yasin often gives interview to the mass media on Islamic subjects. My question is: does he answer the questions of Islam Today, sent in his office on the eve of the conference, Professor Yasin assured that review them after the completion of the forum and he asked me another question: Do You want me to accept Islam?

Deficit of productive ideas

The authoritative forum conducted by the world Bank and the International monetary Fund is aimed at the pursuit of scientific ideas and scenarios for the development of OECD countries. The dialogue of the scientific community and authorities relevant to the parties, the authorities focused on forecasts and recommendations of the scientific community, scientists were invited and foreign) have the opportunity to have direct dialogue with the representatives of the state authorities. The organizer of the forum NIU HSE issued a report to the conference: "Will there be a new model of economic development in Russia?" - To answer the question, Russia will have in reality.

Algorithms of Professor Akaev

At the session of the «Models of development of the socio-economic and political processes and possibilities of using them for forecasting and strategic planning» chief moderator of the session - a foreign member of the RAS, Professor Akaev A.A., the ex-President of Kyrgyzstan. The report included the comparative data of different types of economies: from developed to underdeveloped. Russia expected wave of developing countries, and how the scenario of the Russian Federation, Askar akaevich offers the development of the technology of production, starting with the import substitution policy in the real (industrial) sector of the economy.

How much will be demanded by the power forecasts and recommendations of the scientific community - is reflected in the trends and the content of socio-economic policy of the federal government. Relax in the hope of the federal government - not worth it.

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