President of Tatarstan visits Malaysia to develop Islamic economy

President of Tatarstan visits Malaysia to develop Islamic economy

Jan 8-11 President of Tatarstan makes visit to Malaysia. Malaysia is modern centre of Islamic economy and finances, which develops the fields of “halal” industry and muslim tourism. According to Malaysian Constitution, Islam is official religion in the country, however there is religious freedom at the same time.

For last fifty years GDP of the country increased to 6,5%, what provided the place among developed countries of the world. Malaysia is an important political and economical hand in South-East Asia and develops information technology, where higher education is hold in Malaysian and English.

There are about 30 million people live in Malaysia, 60% of which are Muslims (primary shafiite-ascharites). The country is famous for its beautiful mosques.

Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, Macao, Hong Kong, Brunei and Taiwan are considered to be Asian “tigers” since they are world economic growth engines.

President of Tatarstan visits Malaysia to develop Islamic economy
The president of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov and former prime minister of Malaysia, the author of economic miracle Mahathir Mohamad  



On the very first day of the visit, Rustam Minnikhanov met with ex-prime minister of Malaysia, influential Muslim figure Mahathir Mohamad, who headed a government since 1981 to 2003. During this period Malaysia reached its economical and political development.

Mahathir Mohamad is one of ideologues of Islamic economy introduction into the country. He promoted and expanded economical cooperation with Arabic countries and teed off the USA and Israel policy (Malaysia is one of the countries does not recognize Israel as the government).

Rustam Minnikhanov admitted that Tatarstan follows the experience of Malaysia. “Innopolis project is version of Kiberdjaya city. Malaysian company is around Smart city project in republic and we will visit its prototype – Iskandar”, - said Rustam Minnikhanov.

Mahathir Mohamad recommended the president of Tatarstan to pay attention on tourism industry. He said that many Malays would like to visit Tatarstan and familiarize with memorial places of Russia. Tatarstan could be springboard of Malaysia business introduction to Russia, when Malaysia could provide Tatarstan strengthen at prospective market of South-East Asia.

In conclusion Rustam Minnikhanov said to ex-prime minister of Malaysia: “We always pay attention on your opinion and advices”.


President of Tatarstan visits Malaysia to develop Islamic economy
Linar Yakupov – the head of Tatarstan Investment Development Agency



The president of Tatarstan hold the meeting with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. The plenipotentiary of Russia Federation in Malaysia Lyudmila Vorobyeva was also at the meeting, hold in premier’s residence.

The head of Tatarstan mentioned that for the last two years after his first visit, he saw a lot of changes. “We adopted your experience” – he said.  

Most likely that the reason of Tatarstan close attention to Malaysia is the figure of the head of Investment Development Agency Linar Yakupov. According to analysts, most likely that it’s him, who is the central ideologue of Islamic economy adopting and finances. And it’s obvious as Linar Gabdelnurovich graduated department of economics of Malaysian International Islamic University, where he had been studying for 10 years! His company “Linova-Media” for the first time translated into Russian the book on Islamic Economy “Islamic finance and banking”, wrote by Sudin Haron and Van Nursofiz Van Azmi. In 2012 Linar Yakupov hold in Kazan the forth international Islamic forum "KAZANSUMMIT-2012" and KAZANHALAL-2012 fair, attended by ambassador of Malaysia in Russia Zein Abidin Omar.


President of Tatarstan visits Malaysia to develop Islamic economy
Well-known Towers in Kuala Lumpur – the seat of  Petronas oil company



According to Rustam Minnikhanov, there are good prospects for cooperation between Tatarstan and Malaysia at fields of education and halal industry. Students exchange can be increases several times.

Leading Tatarstan higher educational institution – Kazan National Research Technological University cooperates with Institute of petroleum industry of Malaysia. Tatarstan is leading petroleum region of Russia, 30 million tons of oil produced in Tatarstan every year, when Malaysian «PETRONAS» is one of the largest petroleum companies of the world. That’s why there is field for cooperation.

As it was mentioned, unfortunately, there are 3 thousand Malaysian students educating in Russia, only three of them study in Tatarstan and only four students of Russian Islamic University study in Malaysia.

 “July we hold Universiade in Kazan. Your students, participated in games, would observe Kazan and conditions”, - said the president of Tatarstan to the education minister of Malaysia Dato Seri Mohamed Haled Nordin.

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