For the first time the production of counterfeit bank notes of the European Union was stopped in Russia

For the first time the production of counterfeit bank notes of the European Union was stopped in Russia

"...One grows and grows with him two of loves - the love to money and love to life..."

Media replicates the news about the disclosure of the network in Russia for the production of counterfeit money. Money has long ago become a special area of philosophy of life, though the writings on them include in a strict scientific discipline - economic and financial. How interprets «Introduction to journalism», well-known word «newspaper» origin shall Venetian coin «gatsetta».

But no matter how interpreted the history of money, money, valuable, not in theory but in practice.

Money involve the person in work, in the circle of life, " the most wonderful and noble of their property.

Marco Polo (traveler, author of the famous book "On the Diversity of the World") of the money, said: "The whole paper is produced and handled with great care by the state, as if it were cast silver or gold, and each is equipped with a piece of paper, not only names, but and official seal." Each bill must be genuine, original. That is the law of nature the existence of money. Enforcement of this law is strictly guarded in any state, as money - one of the symbols of statehood.

"If a man does not care where it's his livelihood, Allah will also be indifferent to the gate through which the person will enter Hell." The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

The  largest network was disclosed in Russia for the production of counterfeit money, including the euro, the attackers could produce counterfeits in the amount of more than 40 million rubles, the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation reported on Tuesday.

«For the first time prevented the production of counterfeit banknotes of the European Union, which earlier in the territory of Russia were not produced. Counterfeit bills registered in almost all Russian regions, as well as in Belarus and Ukraine.

According to operational information, a part of the money was spent on the financing of extremist organizations in the North Caucasus», - the press release reports.

Life on the fake money does not promise paradise in both worlds.

Everyone is responsible for the usage of the generosity of God, that which was revealed to everyone. A reasonable approach to life and the money is Sunnah for Muslims.

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