16 January 2014 10:49
Islam - morality in the economy
From the point of view of Islam, the concept of justice occupies a central place in public life. The key to success of any Association, from the very small units (family), to the largest (state)
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01 November 2013 10:27
How does Islamic finance work?
At the World Islamic Economic forum in London, David Cameron announced that the UK will become the first non-Muslim country banking rules of Shari’a and that bonds and Islamic index will be created on the London stock exchange
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04 October 2013 9:45
Income inequality: Islamic view
The fact is that income inequality even in developed countries is high and growing, despite the steady growth observed in the growing East Asian countries, as well as in Europe and North America as a whole
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06 May 2013 7:07
All-Russian conference "Islamic Finance in the Russian realities" continues its work
All-Russian conference «Islamic Finance in the Russian realities» continues its work, which takes place in Makhachkala, Dagestan. The first day of the event took place in a crowded hall of the Dagestan State University
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09 April 2013 10:09
XIV April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development
The April conference of international format is a status event in the political and economic spheres. In the structure of the Forum - a unique dialogue of the scientific community and the government. At the thematic sessions theorists and practices presented in the reports forecasts and recommendations on many aspects of development of Russia
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07 March 2013 10:47
The proposal of the OECD: tax inspectors without borders. Is Islamic charity taxed in Russia? Part 2
Islam Today: Cooperation in the sphere of tax OECD - does not infringe the sovereignty of the state in the OECD?
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06 March 2013 10:15
The proposal of the OECD: tax inspectors without borders. Is Islamic charity taxed in Russia? Part 1
Exclusive commentary of Professor, State Tax Counselor of rank 2, a member of the International Fiscal Association, president of the Moscow Institute of the tax, the chief editor of "Tax Policy and Practice" of Aslambek Paskachev.
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28 February 2013 10:10
Circle on Islamic economy resumes its work at the the Russian Islamic University
On March 1, circle on Islamic economics resumes its work at the Russian Islamic University.
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09 January 2013 11:38
President of Tatarstan visits Malaysia to develop Islamic economy
Jan 8-11, President of Tatarstan makes visit to Malaysia. Malaysia is modern centre of Islamic economy and finances, which develops the fields of “halal” industry and muslim tourism. According to Malaysian Constitution, Islam is official religion in the country, however there is religious freedom at the same time. 
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19 December 2012 0:30
For the first time the production of counterfeit bank notes of the European Union was stopped in Russia
The  largest network was disclosed in Russia for the production of counterfeit money, including the euro, the attackers could produce counterfeits in the amount of more than 40 million rubles, the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation reported on Tuesday.
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