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Islam-Today.ru - informational-analytical federal portal, opened in 2012 and quickly became one of the most popular and influential Islamic news sites of Russia.

Openness, efficiency, objectivity are the watchwords of journalists of Islam-Today.ru

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Svetlana Mamiy (own correspondent in Moscow)

Alsu Badaeva (own correspondent in Tatarstan)

Farouk Gilmanov (Turkish news)

Jamil Mursi (Arab news)

Akhat  Nurmukhametov (English-language news)

Latifa Samigullina (women's section)

Rinat Gabbasov (History section)

Galim Vakhitov (Section Islamic economics)

Maria Zvereva - photographer

Analytical center

Head of the analytical center - Farouk Amirkhan

Analyst Turkey - Aidar Huzuri



Aidar Hairutdinov - Department of the history of social thought and Islamic Studies of the Institute of History of the Republic of Tatarstan

Kamil Samigullin - Imam of White Mosque in Bulgar city (Tatarstan)

Fagim hazrat Shafiev - Mufti of Mordovia, a member of the Public Chamber of Russia

Maxim Shevchenko - a famous Russian journalist